Stanley Cup Finals Return to Hockeytown

It’s official: the Detroit Red Wings are the 2009 Western Conference Champions.

But be honest.  Conference Championships don’t mean much in Hockeytown.  Detroit Red Wings fans have become accustom to so much more.  A hockey season just isn’t complete in the Motor City until the Red Wings bring home the Stanley Cup.

For the first time in a quarter century, the same two teams from the prior season will face off against each other in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Pittsburgh Penguins will represent the Eastern Conference for the second consecutive year.

We are awaiting official word from the NHL as to when, exactly, the Finals will begin.  Rumor has it that the series could start as early as Saturday, May 30 at Joe Louis Arena with the second game being played the very next day.

In any event, it is a blessing to this city to have something so positive to rally around.  Good news is coming from the airwaves for a change — and it is providing a bit of a reprieve from the daily bombardment of bad automotive news and economic worries.

For the next few weeks, the sports world will be focused on Detroit and its incredibly rich hockey heritage.  I know the Cup isn’t quite ours yet, but there is certainly much to celebrate.  Thank you, Red Wings, for another magical season.  Now let’s go kill some Penguins.

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  • TigerFaninDC

    Hi Steve – as someone who grew up in Detroit during the “Dead Wings” era, I’ll take any championship we can get! Another Stanley Cup would be great however.

    On another note – is there an E-mail address for the store? Also, you guys could use a “What’s New” tab there as well.

    Take care and thanks for helping to keep us Detroit fans who now live outside the city up to date.

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