Test your knowledge of the Detroit Tigers

How many Tigers are in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

How many Tigers are in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Now that the 2015 baseball season is officially underway, it’s time to test your knowledge of Detroit Tigers history.
The official scoring is one point for each correct answer. There are also bonus points.

And, as always, no cheating!

So, without further ado…

1. What pitcher holds the club record for the most career wild pitches?
a. Mickey Lolich
b. Dizzy Trout
c. Jack Morris
d. Hal Newhouser

2. What year did the Tigers have their highest home attendance?
a. 1984
b. 1968
c. 2008
d. 1999

3. What player holds the franchise record for total bases in a season?
a. Al Kaline
b. Miguel Cabrera
c. Hank Greenberg
d. Magglio Ordonez

4. Which Tiger’s RBI single won the 1935 World Series?
a. Goose Goslin
b. Mickey Cochrane
c. George Kell
d. Charlie Gehringer

5. Who wore the highest uniform number ever by a Tiger?
(One bonus point if you know the number.)

a. C.J. Nitkowski
b. Rusty Kuntz
c. Jose Mesa
d. Ruben Sierra

6. What Tiger pitcher once tied the American League record with 16 consecutive victories?
a. Denny McLain
b. Schoolboy Rowe
c. Hal Newhouser
d. Hooks Daus

7. Which Tiger pitcher has started the most All-Star games?
(One bonus point if you know how many times.)

a. Justin Verlander
b. Jim Bunning
c. Jack Morris
d. Mickey Lolich

8. What kind of car did Mark Fidrych purchase in the summer of 1976?
a. A yellow Pinto
b. An orange Volkswagen Beetle
c. A red F-150
d. A green Corvette

9. How many players were inducted into the Hall of Fame with a Tigers’ logo on their cap?
(One bonus point for each member you can name.)

a. 11
b. 7
c. 5
d. 8

10. What was the nickname of Detroit’s National League team that played from 1881 to 1888?
a. The Lumber Barons (or just “Barons” for short)
b. The Lafayettes
c. The Wolverines
d. The Green Stockings

11. Where did the above-mentioned National League team play its home games?
a. Recreation Park
b. The Belle Isle Grounds
c. Detroit Park
d. The Hamtramck Velodrome

12. What year did the Tigers first lose 100 games?
a. 1975
b. 1942
c. 1952
d. 1919

13. What was the nickname of Frank Navin, who owned the team from 1908 to 1935?
a. “Deep Pockets”
b. “Penny Pincher”
c. “Old Poker Face”
d. “Mr. Smiley”

14. To what did Al Kaline compare Briggs Stadium the first time he saw it from the outside?
a. A battleship
b. A UFO
c. a dump
d. A giant paczki

15. Who holds the team record for the highest single-season WAR?
a. Ty Cobb
b. Alan Trammell
c. Norm Cash
d. Miguel Cabrera

16. Who was the Tigers’ first 20-game winner?
a. Herman Pillette
b. George Mullin
c. Ed Killian
d. Roscoe Miller

17. Who was considered for the Tiger managerial post for 1934, but blew his chance when he skipped the interview to attend a golf tournament in Hawaii?
a. Ty Cobb
b. Babe Ruth
c. Lou Gehrig
d. Sonny Elliott

18. Who has the most wins as a Tiger manager?
a. Jim Leyland
b. Sparky Anderson
c. Hughie Jennings
d. Mickey Cochrane

19. How many Gold Gloves did Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker combine to win?
a. 7
b. 14
c. 11
d. 4

20. Ty Cobb once said: “When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as ___________________.”
a. an eye poke.
b. a nose tweak.
c. a kick in the crotch.
d. a revolver at a rubber band fight.

– – – – – – – – –

1. c. Jack Morris
2. c. 2008
3. c. Hank Greenberg
4. a. Goose Goslin
5. c. Jose Mesa (#94)
6. b. Schoolboy Rowe
7. b. Jim Bunning (3)
8. d. A green Corvette
9. d. 8 (Ty Cobb, Charlie Gehringer, Harry Heilmann, Hank Greenberg, Sam Crawford, Al Kaline, George Kell, Hal Newhouser)
10. c. The Wolverines
11. a. Recreation Park
12. c. 1952
13. c. “Old Poker Face”
14. a. A Battleship
15. a. Ty Cobb
16. d. Roscoe Miller
17. b. Babe Ruth
18. b. Sparky Anderson
19. a. 7
20. c. a kick in the crotch

If you scored 20 or more, you need to get a life.
If you scored around 15 or so, you’re a good Triple-A player.
Between 8 and 13? Stay in Lakeland for extended Spring Training.
Six points or less? You were probably a fan at Comerica Park on Opening Day.