The Intrigue of Johnny Damon

News flash: Johnny Damon is a big fan of Steve Yzerman. I’m wondering why this is news or why I should even care? Johnny Damon has been a pain in some way or another to the Tigers from his time in a Royals uniform to his time now as a pestering free agent. Now, he has joined with the Tigers’ snake oil dealer/agent Scott Boras to use the media as a bargaining chip in his financial efforts.

Do the Tigers need a bat in the lineup like Damon? Even at his age, I would find it hard to believe that his lefty bat would not make a difference in the Tigers lineup. While I did say something similar about Aubrey Huff, Damon has been on teams similar to the Tigers situation and I feel his addition would be a benefit to some of the team’s top hitters.

With players like Adam Kennedy leaving for other grounds for a relatively low price, the Tigers have waited too long and need to act quickly to bring in Damon with a two-year deal. The big issues with the Tigers plans up to this point have revolved around a disastrous PR plan where Boras, and the Atlanta Braves, have dictated the rules of engagement.

Headlines have focused on fantasy interest between Damon and the Tigers, leaving Dave Dombrowski and team in a difficult situation. If DD signs Damon in the near-term, it will appear that he is weak and catering again to Boras. If Damon goes elsewhere, Detroit could mess up an already difficult relationship with one of baseball’s top influencers. Either way, this pickle doesn’t taste right for Tigers fans.

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