The Pure Magic of the 1997 Detroit Red Wings’ Stanley Cup

It was the best of times.

The economy in Detroit was booming.  Auto workers were getting big bonus checks.  People were happy in general.  Then the Detroit Red Wings won the 1997 Stanley Cup championship and people were out of their minds.

The Red Wings swept the Philadelphia Flyers and won the final game before their hometown fans at The Joe.  The entire region was buzzing and people drove into Detroit from all parts of the state.  The win gave Detroit its first Stanley Cup in 42 years.  Life was good.  No, it was outstanding.

This video comprised of actual broadcast footage from Game 4 is incredible.  It captures the euphoria of the fans and the players — as well as the innocence and purity of the moment.  As we all know, that innocence ended just a few days later with a limousine accident.

If you don’t have goosebumps just yet while watching the 2009 NHL Playoffs, check out this video — and relive the magic of the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals.  You’ll realize how good life was 12 years ago — and how good it can be again.