The Stanton Saga Continues

I remember covering Drew Stantonwhen he first began to make a name for himself locally. He was already a star in Oregon when he made his way back to his home state of Michigan to get behind center for the Farmington Hills Harrison football team. I saw him dismantle a number of teams, including my high school alma mater in a first round match-up by a 59-0 score. He was fantastic to watch, and was especially exciting to see in action during his days in East Lansing.

When Stanton was drafted mid-second round by Matt Millen, my confidence in the once-star quarterback was at an all-time high as I had seen the potential that he had shown in flashes at MSU. That 2007 draft will be remembered by Lions as the Calvin Johnson draft, but should be better known for the players the Lions missed on by taking the local product Stanton. Without a clear plan on how to use their new quarterback, the Lions ended up trashing their talent and something that could have changed the team’s fortunes for the better.

He remains an athletic quarterback, but his psyche has changed in the wrong direction. Stanton no longer fits within the Lions plans or the plans of Matthew Stafford. Many reports have stated that Stanton at this time next year will likely be elsewhere and there is no doubt that he will succeed in his revised role. With a few injuries behind him along with the taste of the NFL, Stanton’s career may depend on his ability to persevere through his greatest challenge.