The Summer “League”

If you’re enough of a savvy Internet surfer or sports savant you’ll know very well that we are in the middle of Vegas NBA Summer League action right now. If you missed that this was happening amongst the other news of Brett Favre, New York’s MLB All-Star Game or Tiger Stadium, you’re not alone. In fact, the “LVSL” has turned into one of the larger jokes on NBA fan sites as drinking games and mockery have been more of the norm. Sure, there have been some pieces of note to take out of the LVSL – here are the top 10:

1.) So that’s what Eric Gordon looks like without his baggy t-shirt. His 10.5 free throws per game will be helpful to his depleted Clippers.

2.) Consider these few games as Michael Curry’s coaching tune-up. Hopefully he doesn’t get used to the polo/name tag look.

3.) The amount of Western Conference teams outnumber their Eastern counterparts nearly 2:1. Sadly missing are the Seattle/Oklahoma City Supersonics/Cowboys/Bennetts.

4.)  In Detroit’s first game, a win over the Lakers, the starting line-up featured Rodney Stuckey, Cheikh Samb, Aaron Afflalo, Amir Johnson and Walter Sharpe. I know the Lakers regretted losing Samb after that loss.

5.)  Put simply – Donte Greene is your scoring leader, Michael Harris is your rebound leader, and Ramon Sessions is your assist leader.

6.) At least make this event seem more real and get these players actual looking uniforms. These current jerseys look like the teams chose sides right before the opening tip.

7.) I just attempted to purchase tickets online. A day’s session will cost your $20 for general admission and $100 will get you courtside.

8.) The Thomas & Mack Center is co-host of this event. I cannot tell you another arena in Las Vegas that has ever hosted a significant event outside of a casino.

9.) Good news – Drew Neitzel is listed on the Minnesota Timberwolves roster. Bad news – Drew Neitzel is listed as an alum from Oklahoma.

10.) Finally – for all of you Summer League fans, an archive is on the main site to let you reminisce about years gone by under the Vegas sun.