Tiger Stadium Begins to Resemble Navin Field

As the partial-demolition of Tiger Stadium approaches its third month, Detroit’s old ballpark is starting to resemble its 1923 configuration when it was known as Navin Field.

While Navin opened in 1912, it went through several expansions over the course of its 26 years history (1912-1937) that greatly expanded its seating capacity.  The stadium grew along with Detroit’s population and the popularity of baseball.  Now that left field and center field are gone, Detroiters are beginning to see what Navin Field may have looked liked back in the day.

It’s still uncertain whether Ernie Harwell & Co. will be successful in preserving a dugout-to-dugout configuration of the stadium.  But we’re starting to see the makings of what it might look like if their plan comes together.  So far, it looks pretty sweet.

Here’s to Ernie for sticking his neck out and bucking the powers-who-be in the Motor City.  We wish him the best of luck.