Tigers’ 0-5 Start Shocks Baseball World, Disappoints Fans

The season tickets have been sold.  The ballpark is packed.  Where are the Tigers?

An 0-5 start is not what anyone expected from the Tigers as they returned from Lakeland with the highest payroll in team history.  It is way too early to know what will come of the entire season, but a start like this kills the psychological momentum of a team everyone around the world, for once, was talking about in a positive way.

And Tigers fans were hoping — no, praying — for the type of season we had 24 years ago.  Our 1984 Bless You Boys squad started the season 9-0 and then went on to win 35 of their first 40 games.  They were never out of first place the entire season and there was no question in anyone’s mind who the best team in baseball was five months later.  They were wire-to-wire champions.

An 0-5 start (let’s hope it stops there) will only serve to cast doubt on the Tigers throughout the year.  Even with the most diehard fans.  Instead of a year of domination and confidence, it will be a year of anxiety and disbelief.

That’s not to say this year’s team is not capable of turning things around.  There are, after all , 157 games left.  It’s just that starting out in a hole is no way to enjoy a season from beginning to end.  That’s sad news for loyal Tigers fans who truly deserve a magical year.   


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  • Nick

    One more thing: I wish the Tigers would have held off on giving a huge contract to Willis. This has nothing to do with his seven walk masterpiece. I’ve never been a fan of his and the guy has only had one good season and has been average, at best, otherwise. I’d love to be wrong and see him win 15+ games with 200+ innings pitched… with an ERA and WHIP that a five year old could count to.

    Haven’t we learned anything from Bobby Higginson, Juan Gonzalez, Damion Easley, and Brandon Inge? I think we’re still paying for Easley from seven years ago. C’mon!

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