Tigers Fans Miss Casey At The Bat

He may run like a wounded chicken, but former Detroit Tiger Sean Casey is one helluva hitter.  His batting prowess was on full display during the Tigers three game series at Fenway Park.

It’s sad to see Casey in a Boston Red Sox uniform, isn’t it?  It’s even sadder to see that his hitting talents have not diminished one bit since the Tigers let him go.  Casey’s bat would be an asset to the Tigers’ struggling lineup — and his presence in the clubhouse would be, too.

It’s rare for a player to come to a town like Detroit for such a short period of time and build a loyal fan base.  But that’s exactly what Sean Casey did.  He may not have been the most gifted player on the team, but his charismatic personality and good-guy attitude made him the favorite of many Tigers faithful.

Sean Casey, I believe, personifies the old-time baseball player we used to know.  He seemed to always say the right thing and to do the right thing as well.  He seemed happy to be playing baseball — and thankful to be in a tradition-rich baseball town like Detroit.  Too bad for us those type of traits don’t show up in a player’s statistics.

There’s no doubt Tigers fans are still sad that Casey is gone.  Watching him play against us only makes it worse.

Did the Tigers make a mistake by letting him go?


2 replies on “Tigers Fans Miss Casey At The Bat

  • JG

    Would have loved to keep Sean Casey on the team if he didn’t have to start at 1st…class guy. Glad to see him doing well in Boston.

  • Robert M. Grove

    I too miss Casey, but I’m glad Boston picked him up. He is such a class act. Hope he does well this year and hits .320

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