Tigers Get Revenge Against the Rays

For opposing teams in Tropicana Field, this year has been quite a chore to win amongst the catwalks, aquariums and short foul territory walls. Going into this weekend, opposing teams attempting to win in Tampa had a worse chance than playing in Comerica Park. If the Tigers had played only seven innings, then these stats would have held to form. If there are any doubts that this team wants a playoff berth, then look no further than the effort placed on the field this holiday weekend in Florida’s Gulf Coast. With a dramatic win on Sunday, the Tigers now find themselves in firm control of their destiny with four weeks to go.

Tigers RaysThe last time the Tigers played a game in Tampa, they left disappointed and with the realization that the season was pretty much over. It was early August 2008 and the Tigers had blown two saves in one game at Tropicana Field. The Tigers never reached the .500 mark again and the Rays rode destiny to a World Series appearance. This team happens to be different – they play each game like it’s their last. At this pace, they may have a few more games on their schedule come mid-October.

Night after night the Tigers are finding a different hero. Fernando Rodney finds himself in one deep hole after another, just to find himself squirming out another save. Placido Polanco scratches his way throughout the game and then makes another reliever look foolish to walk the runner in front of him. Brandon Inge has taken very few good swings as of late, but who decided to hand out a souvenir in the ninth to the fans sitting in the outfield? In baseball, one player cannot make the great plays every night and the Tigers seem to have their timing down this season. With a lead of seven on the Twins and eight on the White Sox, the magic number to the division crown is now down to 20 with 26 games left.