Tigers Should Bring Back Iconic Logo

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  • BaseballinDC

    The crawling tiger logo is an example of what happens when a new logo is created without connection to what has gone past.

    As much as I love the iconic logo, living in the past isn’t a positive step either.

    Creating a new logo that is steeped in the Tigers’s design history (look at old pennants, caps, etc) is the best solution.

  • cvh

    No consensus here.

    Like it or not, the trend is that team logos in all sports are moving toward a particular style–bold, dynamic, and sharp. The old logo is none of those things.

    So while the more mature fans may like the old logo for a number of reasons, it’s not because it holds up as a modern logo. I have a feeling it has more to do with nostalgia.

    The problem is that even nostalgia is subjective. For me, a 27-year-old, the old logo reminds me of the 1990’s Tigers. You see the problem with that.

    I think the Ilitches have done a great job of both celebrating the tiger theme (see Comerica Park) and blending old with new. I’m not sure who’s responsible for the newer D that appears on caps as opposed to the one on the home uniform, but it’s a great example of taking something old and treasured, and refining it.

  • Andrew

    You can thank someone from the 1920s for the D on the hats.

    I think a mashup of the head of the tiger from the prowling logo with the circular “Detroit Tigers” border would be an attractive alternative. I mean, other than the nostalgia factor, it’s not like the depiction in the classic logo is a particularly convincing tiger. It could use a little tweaking without losing the spirit of the original.

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