VIDEO: Home video of pre-game festivities and downtown Detroit prior to Game 3 of ’68 World Series

If you’re like me, you were just too young to have seen the 1968 World Series. I was less than a year old when the Detroit Tigers battled the St. Louis Cardinals in a thrilling seven-game Fall Classic. That series remains one of the most memorable and historic events in the history of the city.

I’ve read tens of thousands of words about that season and that series, seen photos, game footage, and even had the opportunity to talk with Al Kaline, Mickey Lolich, Gates Brown, Willie Horton, and others about it. So, I thought there was little more I could learn about the ’68 World Series. But I was wrong. A fabulous video is available on Youtube that shows a family outing to Game Three at Tiger Stadium. (There is some debate as to whether this footage is from Game Three or Game Four, but it’s one of those two games). The video was taken by the Martsenon family, who visited the city for the Fall Classic. What’s amazing about the video is that it not only shows the interior of Tiger Stadium (when the paint was green!), but it also shows footage from their car as they traverse down Michigan Avenue on their way to The Corner.


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  • John Smith

    They got the series result right, if not the spelling of the word “series”. Wonder where that Dean and Reese audio came from. Sounds the name of a bad radio morning show team in this century

  • bill craig

    Absolutely game 3 – game 4 was played in rain. I went to game 5 – my Mom took me out of school and bought tickets on Trumball Ave after the first inning started at below face value. When I got to my seat it was already 3-0 Cardinals. This was also the famous Jose Feliciano game. Mickey Lolich blamed Jose’s long version of the anthem for letting him cool down after warming up in the bullpen and he gave up a 3 run homer to I believe Orlando Cepeda. But the Tigers made a great comeback to win 5-3 and Lou Brock was out at the plate in one of the most famous plays in series history.

  • larry

    A great historic time in Tiger history . I was in high school . Our football coach let us listen to some of the games on a old am radio . We found it in the training room . The volume button was broken . We used a old screwdriver to fix it .

    Great time to be a Tigers fan . Great memories at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. Sure miss that wonderful old ball park .

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