VIDEO: Meet the Tigers New Second Baseman, Scott Sizemore

Of all the moves the Detroit Tigers have made since the close of last season, the one I consider the most controversial is letting Placido Polanco go.

The Tigers seem higher than a kite on Polanco’s replacement, Scott Sizemore — even though he hasn’t played a single inning in the Big Leagues.  Throw in the fact that Sizemore broke his ankle during the off-season and there is definite reason for concern.

Below is a video interview from a local news station in Chesapeake, Virginia, Sizemore’s hometown.  It provides one of the first looks at Sizemore on a personal basis.  He seems like a great kid who comes from a great family.  We’ll know soon enough whether or not he’s able to fill the shoes of Polanco — the most reliable second baseman the Tigers have fielded since Sweet Lou Whitaker.  Good luck, Scott.