Welcome to Metrodome East

Just by looking outside at the impressive end of autumn snowfall, the thought quickly turned to how cool the Lions-Packers game would have been if it had happened outdoors in Detroit. Over the past 30-plus years, this has not been the case in this city – from the Pontiac Silverdome to Ford Field, Detroit football fans only know the game underneath a roof. For Minnesota Vikings fans, the feeling has been mutual over that same period. However, when that highly relied upon roof decides to buckle underneath the weight of the snow, the NFL looks for other options.

For the first time in nearly a decade – Detroit will be home to a Monday Night football game. While it will not be an official ESPN MNF game, and the Lions will not be competing, this is a unique opportunity for local football fans to see two of the NFL’s more exciting teams in action. This is an important opportunity for Detroiters to demonstrate what great football fans we have in this town, it is also an opportunity for those not able to normally attend a game due to cost, to make it out to Ford Field for a unique event.

The interesting choice of Detroit for this impromptu event truly defies logic. It is really an homage to our city’s aero infrastructure that we were chosen over Indianapolis to host this game. While I have nothing against Central Indiana and its ability to host a major national sports event seemingly every year, the ability for hundreds of flights to depart each morning/afternoon is not by accident. Detroit’s investment in an aerotropolis, combined with the city’s investment in a world class indoor football stadium, made Detroit (with snow and fans included) the right choice for the Monday night Giants-Vikings game.