When Sweet Lou & Tram guest starred on Magnum P.I.

In 1983 one of the most popular shows on television was Magnum P.I. starring Tom Selleck. At the same time, Detroit’s Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker were othe most exciting and talented double play duo in baseball. Selleck was a Tigers fan, so it only made sense that he squeezed in a scene that related to Detroit baseball. Here is a scene featuring Trammell and Whitaker in an episode from the ’83 season. The premise is that Magnum is in Detroit to work on a case but can’t find time (or tickets) to see the Tigers. He drinks away his sorrows in a bar a few blocks from Tiger Stadium and runs into a few familiar ballplayers.

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  • Dan Holmes

    Whiatker seemed more at ease in front of the camera, which is odd because he had that reputation for being quiet and shy. In fact, I think he was just a private man, but as his teammates often said, he was quite funny and a fun guy to spend time with.

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