Where is Tiger Stadium’s State Historical Marker?

The state historic marker recognizing Tiger Stadium is unveiled by (left to right) Tiger legends Al Kaline, Hal Newhouser, Billy Rogell, and Charlie Gehringer on August 25, 1976.

In a ceremony to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Detroit Tigers, on August 23, 1976, a state historical marker honoring Tiger Stadium was presented on the field. Participating at the ceremony were Tiger legends Al Kaline, Hal Newhouser, Charlie Gehringer, and Billy Rogell.

But three years ago this past Memorial Day weekend, the Tiger Stadium state historical marker was stolen from the corner of Michigan Trumbull.

To this day it has never turned up and one just wonders who has it in their possession.

We know the Tigers took the Ty Cobb plaque that was located on the same wall where the state marker hung just to the left of the front door of the Tiger Stadium executive offices. The Cobb plaque is now located on the outside wall of Comerica Park near the entrance to the executive offices.

The only lead the police have is that a Detroit Police officer said he saw “two white males in broad daylight with a white pick up style utility truck and a yellow top light backed up to the Marker.” He said “ they looked like they were doing their job so he didn’t challenge them.”

The green cast iron marker measured ¾ inches by 42” by 54” and weighed 200 pounds. At the time, Laura Ashlee of the State Preservation Office stated the “theft” is a “high misdemeanor crime.”

I suppose it’s possible that some officials from the city of Detroit removed the marker in preparation for the stadium’s demolition. But I can’t help but wonder why no one seems to know where it is.

If you just happen to see the marker in someone’s office or home, do a favor for everyone who still respects that sacred ground at Michigan and Trumbull and call the police.

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