Who’s Your Tiger? Granderson Heads The List

I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of the “Who’s Your Tiger?” marketing campaign. I think it’s cheesy and smacks of the minor leagues.

I’m always amazed at the number of people displaying signs at Comerica Park that read, “___________ is My Tiger!” Perhaps it’s just a shameless attempt to get onto television — but my guess is that the campaign slogan has really caught on with the fans. That’s why it’s running for a third consecutive season.

My favorite Tiger player is Placido Polanco. In my book, he’s the perfect combination of natural ability and discipline. I love the way he approaches each at-bat with a sense of purpose. The fact that he chokes up on the bat tells me that he’s not swinging for the fences — but rather, for contact. He’s a great slap hitter and a joy to watch in the field.

Based on sales of product, I would have to say that Curtis Granderson is number one on the lists of most Tigers fans. Not only is he a gifted ball player, he is a gentleman. Many people see him as a long-term franchise player who could someday wind up as a manager or an announcer. He’s articulate, he’s intelligent and he’s thoughtful. All qualities that have become very rare in most professional athletes these days.

If he stays healthy, I believe Granderson will become a Detroit sports icon someday. He may not be my Tiger, but there’s no denying he’s number one on the Who’s Your Tiger list.


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