Wrigley Field Will Shine For 2009 Winter Classic

On New Years Day, Chicago’s Wrigley Field will play host to the NHL’s 2009 Winter Classic game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings.  The game is the talk of the both towns and Individual seats are selling for thousands of dollars online.

The game will be televised on multiple stations in dozens of countries and advertising is selling at a premium.  No doubt, Wrigley Field will get the attention it deserves as a result and its incredible history and tradition will be on display for a worldwide audience.

I find it ironic that the Detroit Red Wings owner, Mike Ilitch, will be one of the beneficiaries of the game seeing how he is the sole person responsible for the demise of Detroit’s historic baseball venue, Tiger Stadium.  In fact, I’m surprised he even allowed the Winter Classic game to be played in a similar venue.  I hope some Chicago reporter has the guts to ask him a line of questions on the topic.  Lord knows Detroit’s reporters would never dare.

I wonder if Ilitch realizes yet the priceless value an historic sports venue can accumulate.  Perhaps he will after a frozen Wrigley Field shines brightly on New Year’s Day.  And he sees all the money pour in.

Here is a great commercial clip for the Winter Classic set to a Harry Carey-led version of Take Me Out To The Ballgame.  It’s funny how poetically old sports venues can be marketed when there’s a lot of money at stake.