Are you ready? Outfit yourself for the 2012 season with Tigers gear

The pitchers have been putting in their work on the mound, the batters have been getting their swings in. Manager Jim Leyland has been wearing out his pencils tinkering with potential lineups. The Detroit Tigers have been preparing for the 2012 season and they’re nearly ready to start. The first game is Thursday afternoon.

Are you ready? As a fan do you think you can’t sharpen your skills every spring? If so, you might be mistaken.

Tigers fans have reason to be hopeful in 2012. Their team won the division by 15 games last season, advanced to the ALCS, and added Prince Fielder to a roster that already included the AL Most Valuable Player and Cy Young winner, and the league batting champion. Expectations are high and excitement is at a fever pitch. Pun intended.
With new players and a giant new scoreboard at Comerica Park also comes some new Tigers gear for the ’12 season. Here’s your guide to outfitting yourself for the long season as a #1 Tigers fan.

Prince Fielder Replica Jersey
What better way to welcome our newest slugger than to slip into a replica Prince Fielder jersey? Those old #45 jerseys you have in your closet won’t do, this isn’t Big Daddy, this is The Dreadlocked One. You’ll stand out at with these beautiful jerseys with hand-sewn number and lettering on the back. Every time Prince goes yard – maybe 50 times this year? – you’ll get to point to your back and share in the awesomeness that is the longball. Don’t worry, if you’re Tiger is JV or Miggy or AJax or Boesch or Inge, those jerseys are available too.
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Adjustable cap with the Classic Tiger logo under the bill
You have to cover your noggin, and what better way that with this attractive cap with a cool worn look and the bright orange Tigers “D” on the front? It’s adjustable, but what makes it really awesome is the classic “Circle Detroit Logo” printed under the bill. Every pitch, every play, every game, all you have to do is peek up and you’ll be reminded of the greatness of Tiger lore – Al Kaline, Mickey Lolich, Willie Horton, Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, and Willie Hernandez.
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Tigers Ladies Pink Visor
For the lady fan who doesn’t want to muss up her ‘do, there’s the pink visor with a white Old English D. Not only is this perfect for the ballpark, it serves to shield you from the sun on the beach, boat, golf course, or on a run. Can also get it in Tigers blue for the guys.
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2012 Change Up Tee-Shirt
This is part of the on-field authentic collection for the 2012 season. The screen print was inspired by the Division Champions design in the 2011 season. Remember that? Well, ’12 could be even more exciting. Every Tigers fan needs a team tee-shirt. This one will quickly become your favorite.
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Tigers Hoodie Duffel
One of the niftiest items in the DAC catalog, this is an indispensable item for trips to CoPa. It’s the Tigers Hoodie Duffel with the classic Tigers “D” emblazoned on the front. Stuff your ballpark gear into the duffel and cinch the ties at the top. Perfect for your books, media guides, blanket, wallet, glasses, media guide, camera, whatever you need to bring into the park. This will make you the envy of every fan sitting in your section.
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Tigers Authentic 2012 Home Jacket
If you’re a serious Detroit fan you need a Tigers jacket. We all know that springs can be cool in Michigan, and come Autumn when the team is making their playoff run you’ll want to wear this to the ballpark or just to show your allegiance. It’s the authentic team jacket – the same one worn by “Smokey” Jim Leyland and Papa Grande. You may not need to get the same size as Valverde, but Detroit Athletic Co. will have your size regardless. You can also get the team road jacket with the Tiger orange if you wish. Oh yeah, and these jackets are water-resistant, feature a breathable outer shell, and have an arm sleeve Old English D patch. Be careful – when you wear this to Comerica Park they’ll almost let you right into the clubhouse.
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Detroit Tigers Fan Towel
There’s a new scoreboard at Comerica Park for the 2012 season, an awe-inspiring monolith in left field with state-of-the state-of-the-state-of-the-state-of-the-art video screens and multimedia. So, do you have a strategy for getting your face on that screen? You don’t want to run on the field, that’s not wise. The best way is to show off your spirit, and one way to do that is to deck yourself out in Tigers gear and then wave this Tigers Fan Towel with enthusiasm. This bright orange towel helps you stand out in the ballpark, and when combined with the thousands of other waving fans it forms a sea of brightness that will make opposing teams wet their baseball pants. Well, maybe not literally, but wouldn’t that be cool? For years in the 1990s, Cleveland fans would drive north to Detroit and take over Tigers/Indians games with their cheering. That was friggin’ annoying. Message to Tigers fans in 2012: get an orange Tigers Fan Towel, take a road trip to Cleveland in that State That Shall Not Be Mentioned and wave them all game long. Who knows? You may help Verlander throw his third no-hitter.
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These are just a few gear suggestions for Tigers fans, but there are dozens more at the official Detroit Athletic Co. Online Store.

Did you know that Detroit Athletic Co. is located in downtown Detroit, near the old site of Tiger Stadium? When you’re coming into the city for a ballgame, make a point to stop and see us at 1744 Michigan Avenue. You can consult a map here. The showroom is located just a little farther from Comerica Park than a Miguel Cabrera home run.

Thanks for supporting the DAC Blog and we look forward to seeing you during the 2012 season. Go Tigers!

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