Boesch Fever Strikes Detroit

Brennan Boesch is not your typical midseason call-up. Over the past few years, players like Ryan Raburn, Clete Thomas and Jeff Larish have joined the team to provide a unique spark in their own respective way. Of those mentioned, it was Raburn that made the biggest impact when it mattered the most last season. His outfield assist and outfield miscue in the infamous Game 163 left a lasting impression on Tigers fans. Now, with the immediate impact that Boesch has made on the team, it is Raburn that will have to make way for the latest Tigers farm talent.

Who knows what is in store for this young talent? His swing is an all-or-nothing swipe, built out of a similar mold to other Mud Hens call-ups. He is an exciting presence at the plate, standing upright as the ball hurls in. Fortunately for Jim Leyland, he has also shown to have a decent glove in the field. With a team stocked with a host of slow outfielders, Boesch must also show his wheels to be a real threat for this team.

What Boesch has brought to the table is an uncanny ability to really smack the ball around the park. In his debut in Texas, he sent his first ever pitch seen to the wall. In a key series to getting this team back on track, he sent a grand slam into the seats. On national TV on Monday night, his hard single brought home an opening run. His average game to this point consists of 1-3 at the plate with an RBI. With an average hovering around .350 and a crack of a bat that scares the birds away, Tigers fans are hoping that his impressive streak continues in a Tigers uniform.