Final Victory at Metrodome Would Be Bittersweet for Tigers

I attended a baseball game at the Minneapolis Metrodome just once.  Actually, that’s an overstatement.  I attended about one inning of a game at the Minneapolis Metrodome.

metrodomeWithout question, it is the worst stadium I’ve ever been to.  The sight lines and acoustics were so bad, my friend and I got up and left after about fifteen minutes of “I can’t believe how awful this place is” baseball.

Detroit Tigers fans have had a long-standing hatred for the Minnesota Twins.  After all, it was the Twinkies who knocked the 1987 Tigers out of the playoffs after our boys pieced together a 98-win campaign for the best regular season record in baseball.  Detroiters will never forget the awful scenes from the Metrodome as Twins fans waved their obnoxious white towels and screamed throughout every game.

Add into the equation the fact that many believe the Twins monkey with the Metrodome’s lighting and venilation systems so as to favor the home team.  Is there any reason for anyone outside of Minnesota to like the Metrodome?

Besides the obvious reason of advancing to the ALDS, it would be bittersweet if the Tigers were to end their hate-affair with the Metrodome by winning the last (thank God) game they’ll ever play there.  There’s a great deal on the line for the Tigers tomorrow night — not least of which is revenge.