Follow these Tigers on social media to keep tabs on the team

A tweet from Miguel Cabrera from 2015 spring training shows he and Jose Iglesias during a photo shoot.

A tweet from Miguel Cabrera from 2015 spring training shows he and Jose Iglesias during a photo shoot.

I understand that some of you think Twitter is the sound you make when you see Kate Upton in a bikini.

But for some of you social media is a great way to follow your favorite celebrities and athletes. Several members of the Detroit Tigers are on Twitter and if you follow them you might gain some behind the scenes knowledge of your favorite team. Here’s a primer on who to follow and why.

Justin Verlander (@JustinVerlander — 580,000 followers)

JV is the most popular Tiger on Twitter, edging out Miguel Cabrera by about 20,000 followers. Verlander tweets almost daily during spring training and it’s often something heartwarming, like a RT of a fan’s birthday mention. Doesn’t always have the most interesting photos, but follow him and you might catch a glimpse of Kate.

Miguel Cabrera (@MiguelCabrera — 559,000 followers)

He looks like he’s having a lot of fun playing the game, right? Well Miggy also has a blast on Twitter. He frequently shares inside photos of what’s going on with the team and he’s usually flashing that famous Miggy grin. A lot of Spanish-language tweets.

David Price (@DavidPrice14 — 278,000 followers)

Going back to his days with the Rays in Tampa, David Price has been a consistent user of Twitter. The All-Star pitcher loves to share his personal passions, like his cuddly bulldog “Astro”.

Rajai Davis (@Rajai11Davis — 17,900 followers)

The speedy outfielder quickly became a fan favorite in his first year with the Tigers in 2014. Rajai tweets a lot of photos from the clubhouse and road trips. He loves to share his latest fashion styles.

J.D. Martinez (@JDMartinez14 — 31,100 followers)

In this Tweet from last week, J.D. let’s us know about the Tigers’ annual ping pong tournament.

Tyler Collins (@TylerCollins1 — 4,600 followers)

The young outfielder likes to tweet about issues that ar eimportant to him, as you can see by this recent tweet.

Anibal Sanchez (@AnibalSanchez19 — 69,500 followers)

Anibal likes to connect with his fans so he often retweets their good wishes or birthday shoutouts, but he also shares some great photos. Sanchez occasionally shares tweets about his Christian faith too.

Joba Chamberlain (@Joba_44 — 143,000 followers)

The bearded one is back (though for now he’s not bearded). Joba doesn’t tweet as often as some of the others on this list, but he’s entertaining.

Joe Nathan (@JoeNathan36 — 63,300 followers)

Not surprisingly, Nathan didn’t tweet much during a troubling 2014 season. But maybe he’ll ramp up the tweets this year. He should try to engage the fans a little more to repair his image in Detroit.

Yoenis Cespedes (@ynscspds — 95,100 followers)

The new Tiger outfielder is sporadic on Twitter and much of it is in Spanish, but he’s really friendly and gets involved with charitable activities through social media.

Jose Iglesias (@JoseIglesias_11 — 41,100 followers)

The acrobatic little shortstop is pretty active on Twitter and now that he’s back after missing a full season due to injury. expect a lot more from him.