How About Ordonez as the Tigers’ DH?

Somebody call the zoo keeper.  There are too many Tigers in the outfield.

The incredible offensive and defensive performance of Matt Joyce has certainly earned him a spot in the Detroit Tigers’ starting lineup.  This has created a strange dynamic now that Magglio Ordonez is off the disabled list. 

There are too many legitimate outfield starters on the Tigers’ roster at the moment.  While this is a good problem to have, some serious decisions have to be made and fast.  Here’s what I propose:

Make The Tigers’ regular starting outfield: Matt Joyce, right field; Curtis Granderson, center field; Marcus Thames and Ryan Rayburn platooning in left field.

 Move Ordonez to full-time designated hitter and occasional right fielder.  And then trade Gary Sheffield before the deadline for some young pitchers or a veteran reliever.

Truth be told, the Tigers have a true shot at bouncing back and making the playoffs.  Perhaps they can use their strong outfield as leverage to bolster their weak bullpen.  It’s time for a meaningful move by GM Dave Dombrowski.  The Tigers’ chances are slim with Todd Jones as their sole closer.