Knapp Time for Tigers

Rick Knapp, the Minnesota Twins Minor League pitching coordinator, was hired yesterday as the Detroit Tigers new pitching coach.

It’s hard to say how important a pitching coach is to a team.  But I remember vividly the impact Roger Craig had on the young pitching staff of the 1984 Tigers.  Craig was an integral part of the team’s success — and he was both instructive and motivational.

Knapp — and the Twins — have a reputation for producing strike-throwers.  That is something the Tigers need desperately.  This past season, the Tigers were the second worst team in the league when it comes to walks allowed; the Twins are consistently one of the best in this category.

A few turnarounds on the pitching staff — namely Justin Verlander and Dontrelle Willis — would instantly turn the Tigers into contenders.  Now Dave Dombrowski needs to bolster the bullpen and possibly sign another starting pitcher to give Knapp something he can mold into a serious staff.

It’s good to see the Tigers moving so quickly and in the right direction.

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