Lions Trade WR Williams to Cowboys

In 30 cities, Tuesday’s trade deadline came and passed without much news other than the occasional waived player. In the two long-time Thanksgiving host cities, Tuesday meant that Week Six was already history. In a trade that signaled a new era in this town Detroit sent WR Roy Williams to Dallas for three picks in 2009, including two on day one.

In the same essence of all that is good and bad with the Detroit Lions, Williams demonstrated that a change of scenery may be a good thing. As one fan said following hearing this trade, “I’m going to miss his celebrations after catching a 5-yard out, down 35 in the fourth.” Hopefully in joining his namesake counterpart in Dallas, he will stop with the outlandish statements and celebrations and stick to what he’s paid for – football. On one hand, he is on T.O.’s team and it is Mr. Owens who dictates the soundbites in Dallas.

Other Notes:

And since his mouth made more of an impact during his time in Detroit than his actual play, Jon Kitna was placed on Injured Reserve and will miss the rest of the 2008 season. Pretty funny since most fans will likely miss that same length of time and not notice his absence for one second.