MAP: Where every Red Wings player was born

Did you know that only twelve Red Wings have been born in Michigan? Only twelve.

Or that only three players born in Illinois have ever worn a sweater with the Winged Wheel. Not surprisingly, most of the more than 800 men who have played for the Red Wings were born in Canada. There are also dozens who hail from Europe and even one from the Middle East. However, ice hockey remains a game dominated by players who are born and grow up in northern (colder) climates.

The map below contains a marker for every player’s birthplace – every Red Wing from Abdelkader (Muskegon, MI) to Zunich (Calumet, MI). Zoom in (use the PLUS button on the map) to see the markers and names and details for every player.

[iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″]