Motown’s Answer?

In a move that came totally out of nowhere like a fastbreak, Joe Dumars has shaken up his 2-0 squad by making another huge trade under his watch. In an attempt to reprise a failed trade from eight years ago, this time there was no Matt Geiger to get in the way. Allen Iverson is a Detroit Piston. Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess are back in the Mile High City, bringing Cheikh Samb with them. This move probably came a few months later than expected in terms of magnitude, but the shock and excitement are already being felt throughout the town. 

Michael Curry finally has his first real test as a coach. Allen Iverson can be a coach-killer and often doesn’t fit within the scope of a team gameplan. In a coach looking to make his mark on this team, this move provides an opportunity to test what Curry’s impact will be long-term. It’s pretty funny that the trade was made before the Pistons game against Larry Brown and the Charlotte Bobcats. Brown provides a connection between Iverson and the Pistons both in player-coach connections and through ugly eras in team histories.

This trade represents a significant shift in mentality for the Pistons. The 2010 free agent class is filled with stars like LeBron, Kobe and Chris Bosh who will all literally have the world at their feet. With a potential $20-million plus under the cap, the Pistons have set themselves up for the opportunity to be successful and exciting for a few years to come.