Ouch! Wings Lose Game 5 Thriller at The Joe

It’s a bad day for Detroit headlines this morning: Geoffrey Fieger was acquitted, GM is cutting even more production, Tiger Stadium is going to be demolished, the Tigers blew another one, and our beloved Red Wings lost an OT thriller that would have won them the Stanley Cup in front of their home town fans.

The Red Wings’ game was so intense, I could barely watch it. This was a contest the Wings were supposed to win, but the pesky Pittsburgh Penguins just wouldn’t die. Beaten, bruised, and battered, the Penguins seemed determined to prove something to the world — and they did. Now the series returns to Steel City for Game 6.

It’s certainly not panic time, but it is intensely disappointing to think we were within mere seconds of hoisting The Cup and blew it. It would be impossible for the Penguins to come back from a 3-1 deficit, right? Let’s hope so. Last night they proved that Wings fans shouldn’t take anything for granted.


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