Road, Unsweet Road

When the Lions got off the bus in Orchard Park today they had already placed their record at 3-6. For the first time in a number of years, the Lions played an opponent they were expected to thoroughly defeat. That same feeling that other teams get when they pull into Ford Field on a Sunday morning came upon Jim Schwartz’s guys. However, not everything is that simple, and the coin does not always flip that easily. These Detroit Lions continue the losing stigma of team’s past and lose their league record 25th straight on the road.

After Matthew Stafford was put on the “rumored to be done for the season” list, Lions fans should have expected that more games like this were in the making. We all know the Lions will struggle in Chicago, Green Bay and Minnesota. In fact, many Lions fans would argue that the streak did in fact end in Chicago in week one on a Calvin Johnson touchdown catch. Either way, this team is still not an NFL caliber team. Until Stafford is at QB, Best is at RB and the team is at decent health, this team will remain in the bottom group of the league.

So is 28 straight inevitable for the Lions? The answer in my opinion is a resounding yes! They finish the season with resurgent Dallas, Tampa Bay and Miami on the road. The only hope for the Lions would be if they were to get another team to sleep on them like they slept on the Bills this week. Until that happens, the Lions may have to look forward to 2011 with their QB back in the lineup and a fresh start to the season.