Stanton to Start for Struggling, Injured Lions

Well, Lions fans will finally get the wish that they have been clammoring for years to happen. Farmington/Spartan Drew Stanton has survived injuries from Matthew Stafford and Shaun Hill to become the starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions. While he may have been the third choice for the Lions when the team broke camp, he will be joined by two players off the Lions’ opening day roster when the Lions take on the Bears this weekend.

Stanton’s Lions will be a lot different than the one that was screwed over earlier in the year by an unfavorable rule at Soldier Field. While some of the players may be different in this latest version, the intangible of a winning team has changed the confidence for the better for the Bears. Jay Cutler, who looked to be on his way out of town at the beginning of the season, is now being hailed for the success he has brought to a franchise that was one win away from a Super Bowl championship only a few years ago. This Bears team is considered by many as one of the favorites in the NFC, and they won’t be taking it easy on any player, third string or not.

The Lions injury bug this season has impacted the team up and down the lineup, and none was more apparent as the Lions got outplayed and outmanned during the second half of yet another Thanksgiving Day loss. While these were the New England Patriots on the other side of the field, the Lions looked to be lost as Tom Brady and the Pats carved them up and down the field to an unbelievable second half performance. If the Lions don’t get a solid, out-of-this-world performance from Drew Stanton, expect the Brady performance to be a normal occuranc