Sweet Sweeps Lift Tigers As Summer Heats Up

The corner may have just been turned.

Since their disappointing season start, the Detroit Tigers have been trying to dig out of the proverbial hole they had dug for themselves.  There have been a few glimmers of hope along the way, but that hope was short lived as a few games won in a row were followed by a painful string of embarrassing loses. 

The Tigers are now on a six game winning streak — and back-to-back sweeps of the first place Chicago White Sox and National League perennial favorites, the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Most of us in the baseball business know full well that the season truly begins during the middle of June when kids are out of school and the cold Michigan weather finally heats up.  It seems as though the Tigers have heated up with the temperature and their timing could prove to be perfect.

In the last few weeks, the Tigers have looked like the team we dreamed they’d be coming out of Lakeland.  At Detroit Athletic Co., we are witnessing an emotional high on the part of Tigers fans that we haven’t seen since March 31’s home opener.  This time may be the real deal.