The Amazing Record of the Detroit Tigers’ Cesar Gutierrez

A Detroit Tiger holds the major league record for consecutive hits in an extra inning major league game.

In the second game of a doubleheader in Cleveland on June 21, 1970, Tiger shortstop Cesar “Cocoa” Gutierrez, wearing number 7, went 7 for 7 in a 9-8 twelve inning victory. The native of Venezuela hit one double and six singles. The bat was immediately sent to Cooperstown.

At 5’9 and 155 pounds, the weak hitting Gutierrez was probably one of the last hitters you would think of who would set such a batting record.

He only played in 223 games in four seasons of major league baseball. Gutierrez played in 33 games for the Giants in 1967 and 1969 and appeared with Detroit from 1969 to 1971. In his only full season, he was the starting shortstop for Detroit in 1970 but he would soon lose his job with the arrival of Eddie Brinkman in the famous Denny Mclain trade with Washington that also brought third baseman Aurelio Rodriguez.

I’ll never forget seeing Gutierrez at Tiger Stadium standing next to Washington’s massive slugger Frank Howard who was perched on second base after a stand up double. “Hondo” was 6’7, and weighed 255 pounds. Gutierrez looked like a second grader.

Wilbert Robinson of the 1892 National League Baltimore Orioles had seven hits in a nine inning game, while Pittsburgh’s Rennie Stennett tied the mark in 1975. Cleveland’s Johnny Burnett holds the record for most hits in an extra inning game with 9, a feat accomplished in 1932.

Gutierrez later managed in the Mexican League and also served as a coach and scout. On January 22, 2005, four days short of his 62 birthday he died of a heart attack in Venezuela.

Cesar Gutierrez “bones” his bat in the Tiger Stadium locker room in 1970.

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  • Stephen Spaulding

    I was lucky enough to have spoke with the Silver Fox,Jim Northrop at a card show in Gaylord Mi. This was around 2004. Can’t recall the exact year, though I do know Mr.Northrup was driven up north to the event by a friend who was looking out for him,as sadly, Jim’s health was slipping. For the longest time I remembered Cesar’s 7 for 7 outing because I was almost 9 years old then, and Tiger baseball was king. When I asked Jim if he too recalled it, he said yes.And if you were to line up those 6 singles all together they would not have reached the warning track. But, he said it with a big smile on his face!

    • Joe S.

      Cool story…reading this reminded me of a game Joe Niekro pitched against the Yanks. Joe had a No-hitter spoiled by Horace Clark with 2 outs in the ninth. Tigers winning W. S. in ’68 was my intro to baseball, Clark Park baseball fields felt like a 2nd home.

  • Eric Mays

    Cocos feat will probably never be repeated
    7 for 7…..for a career .235 hitter. Baseball ⚾️
    Has many different twustz and turns!!!

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