The Lions and the New NFL

With the NFL draft one week away, signs are beginning to pop up throughout the press wires that we have entered a new era in the NFL. The NFLPA picked a gentleman with no football experience as Gene Upshaw’s replacement. With the current CBA clock about to hit zero, this news may mean trouble for fans of the league.

The biggest piece of news to come out of the owners meetings in Dana Point, Calif. was also the indication that the league will likely expand its season to 17 or 18 games. As a fan of good professional football, and a hater on exhibition games, this is quite a bit of good news even if it wouldn’t happen for a few years. The best solution would be to start the exhibition season one week earlier or eliminate the bye week between the conference title games and the Super Bowl. It is clear that the revenue of a second exhibition game wouldn’t go away, but the option to have every team play one neutral site game would be really neat. This idea would kill two birds with one stone, as the league could increase its presence while having the game brought to new/old venues.

Here in Detroit, we have entered into our own version of what the future may look like. Today brought the news that Aaron Curry’s agent has not been in contact with the Lions – pretty funny as it seems he’s the only player actually wanting to come to Detroit. Also, multiple sources have confirmed that they have seen the newest Lions logo (see below). This news apparently came from a toy truck sale on the site, which was immediately taken down minutes later. Immediate indication is that “Bubbles” won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Neither will the Lions’ knack of making puzzling moves for that matter.