The Pistons and the All-Star Game – A Good Match

This weekend the NBA’s top stars of today will descend upon the Arizona desert for a fun-packed weekend filled with slams and a lot of flare. For nearly sixty years, a wintry night has been the perfect time to gather the NBA’s best on the same floor. Detroit and its Pistons have not been far away from some of this game’s best moments.

The Metro Detroit area has been the host for the game twice in its history – 1959 (Olympia) and 1979 (Silverdome). In fact, the ’79 game was significant as being the first in a MLB/NFL designed venue, with arenas like the new Cowboys stadium following in its path next season. When the game has not been in Detroit, its players have not been far from the spotlight. Bob Lanier in 1974 became the first Piston to win an MVP award, an accomplishment Isiah Thomas tied twice in the mid-1980s. Dave Bing and Allen Iverson were also recognized for their excellence during the All-Star game while wearing the Bullets and Sixers uniforms respectively.

In recent memory, the game has also provided for some unique Piston moments that remain in local memory. The 2006 game saw the Pistons tie the record by sending four players, all reserves, to the Houston event. A famous moment (pictured below) took place as Billups and Hamilton in their first All-Star game joined the Wallaces on the court. The 1992 game also featured a touching moment as Magic Johnson won the MVP award while not playing a singular regular season game that season. His long three late in the game over Isiah drew thousands of tears from the spectators in Orlando. What will this year’s game bring to Piston fans?