The Pistons Fire Storm

Congrats to the Detroit Lions – you are no longer the worst and most disfunctional professional sports franchise in Detroit.

Sure 0-16 and Matt Millen were not that long ago, but it doesn’t compare to a team that sadly lost an owner in which it may never recover from. Karen Davidson, Joe Dumars and John Kuester’s Detroit Pistons are simply the essence of disfunction in this city, and it doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon.

In the past I’ve complemented Joe Dumars for avoiding the ridiculous 2010 free agent class by jumping on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva when he had the chance. That was, after all, before the 2009-10 season and before the UConn Huskies made the fans easily forget why they were sought after in the first place. Last season the team lost too many minutes by these men due to injury, and now once combined with a horrific attitude, they have combined to be part of the losing culture that has invaded the Pistons lineup.

Pistons basketball was once feared as one of the top forces in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics, Magic and Heat lineups have been a direct result from the success of the Piston teams of the past decade.

The blueprint remains for the Pistons, and yet they continue to provide a safe harbor for a locker room of anger and discontent. The blame is all around in this situation, and real change will not happen as long as there is a potential sale up in the air for the Pistons.