The Red Wings’ Road to the Stanley Cup Finals

Early in the 2008-09 NHL season, the Detroit Red Wings were literally running over their opponents.  In fact, they were making it look easy.  Game after game, the Wings were displaying offensive and defensive superiority.  It looked as though back-to-back Stanley Cups were in the bag.

But a professional hockey season can be physically and mentally grueling.  The Red Wings were not as dominant in the second half of the year as they were in the first.  Injuries, fatigue, age.  All three seemed to kick in at different points of the ’08-’09 season and demonstrate that no team is immortal.  What looked like it was going to be easy at the beginning has proven to be much harder than anyone here in Detroit expected.

So here stand the Wings in the NHL Finals once again after a few brutal rounds of the Playoffs — on the verge of their 12th Stanley Cup championship.  Only one more team stands in their way.  And that team has a burning desire to knock them off their thrones.  We all know the Red Wings should win it all.  The point is, it’s not going to be easy.

Below is a video recap of the road they have taken to get there.  It’s a reminder of how difficult the climb to the top has been for them.  But mostly it reminds us all of the fact that all great things are difficult to achieve.  The struggles to succeed only sweeten the reward once it is achieved.

To the Red Wings players: You have EARNED this.  You deserve to be where you are today.  You have given every game, every moment, your all.  The obstacles you’ve faced and overcome will make the Cup you are so close to hoisting the most meaningful one you’ve ever obtained.  We wish you the best of luck.