Tiger Stadium’s Auxiliary Scoreboard Installed at WSU

The auxilary scoreboard that once graced the left field wall at Tiger Stadium has been installed at Wayne State University’s baseball field.

Tiger Stadium ScoreboardThe scoreboard now rests on the “Green Monster” replica constructed at WSU in 2003.  It was preserved through the efforts of the Detroit Historical Society which claims to have saved over 200 pieces of Tiger Stadium.

I remember Mickey Lolich sharing a funny story about the scoreboard with a group of us who participated in a Tiger Stadium fantasy camp back in 1999.  Lolich was out in left field before the start of the game and he casually leaned back against the scoreboard and partially unscrewed each lightbulb inside.  When the game was about to start, the scoreboard wouldn’t light up and the stadium operations people began to panic.

Electricians were called in and the start of the game was delayed.  After trying every possible solution, one of the “experts” reached in and tightened one of the bulbs.  Bingo!  The lights, one at a time, began to illuminate!

I think it’s great that such a recognizable piece of Tiger Stadium has found a meaningful home just down the street from its original home.

Click here for more information from Wayne State’s Athletic Department web site.

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  • Tom

    I’m glad to see parts of Tiger Stadium showing up around town.

    Does anyone know what happen to the two auxillary scoreboards that were on the facing of the upper deck down the first and third base lines? Whenever you looked at those scoreboards you could see evidence of football games being played at Tiger Stadium. Next to the team names there were lightbulbs in the shape of footballs. They were there to show ball possesion when the Lions played there. Just one of those wonderful quirks of Tiger Stadium.

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