1960s Red Wings Radio Broadcast from Olympia Stadium

Broadcast legends Budd Lynch and Bruce Martyn were the radio announcers for the Detroit Red Wings back in the 1960s.  Lynch and Martyn have earned a sacred place in Red Wings history as both maintain a meaningful affiliation with the team. 

The clip below is from a live broadcast from Detroit’s Olympia Stadium from 1972 (verified by the very man who recorded it).  It is a brief introduction to the game’s broadcast and includes the voices of both Lynch and Martyn as well as ad plugs for the team’s sponsors.  It will bring back wonderful memories for those who have an appreciation for Olympia’s history.


3 replies on “1960s Red Wings Radio Broadcast from Olympia Stadium

  • Bigjime

    The radio clip from Olympia is not from 1967, it is from 1972. I know, because I’m the person who recorded it. It was first made available when I sent it to detroitradioflashbacks.net. I’m glad that you posted it here, so that more fans from that era will get to hear it.

  • dianne kain

    We live in Chicago now and after 38 years I cheer for the Blackhawks but deep down it will always be the Red Wings of the 50’s and 60’s. The Blackhawk radio and tv announcers just had their contracts extended for 3 years and they were talking about their years together. We started wondering about the old Red Wing radio announcers and, of course, went to ‘google.com’. We were excited that we could hear the Bud Lynch and Bruce Martyn audio. How sad that it is no longer available. If someone knows where we might hear them, please respond. We’re at that point in our lives where that audio clip will refresh some wonderful memories. Thanks so much. Dianne

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