Five Thoughts on the 2009 NFL Draft – Lions Edition

If you were as glued as I was to the television over the weekend watching the NFL Draft, it was a huge shock on Monday morning to realize that life went on outside of the living room. Much like in year’s past, I have promised to give the Draft a full 24 hours before I provide any judgment to what I saw over the weekend, so here it goes…

1) Where was Matt Millen hiding during this draft? Much like when Mike Williams was drafted a few years ago, you can already see the better players the Lions should have taken with pick 20 and pick 33. How many more players are we going to get for this offense?

2) I can’t blame the pick of Matthew Stafford. As it became more apparent that Stafford was the guy, I grew the feeling that any other player would not have been sufficient here. Of course this has disaster written all over it, but how is this different than previous years.

3) Sure the Lions have plenty of holes to fill, but I don’t think that one of them was Tight End. Two picks were used on TEs, including one first rounder. Lions fans better hope that Pettigrew becomes half the player that (local product) Antonio Gates has become.

4) Delmas seems like a quality player, but doesn’t it seem every year that the Lions only bring in local players to try out? He has been compared to Bob Sanders and should get some immediate playing time with the team.

5) I felt the Lions really blew a chance to make this a solid draft with their trade with the Jets to kick off round 3. I thought this pick was a no-brainer with DE Jarron Gilbert of San Jose State still available. He’s the speed guy they desparately needed and an incredible athletic talent. The Lions then use one of the traded picks to get an unneeded OLB with a void still for an inside linebacker. For salt in the wounds, the Bears add Gilbert to their already vaunted defense.