Lions’ Thanksgiving Game Under Siege

It has been rumored for some time now, but the City of Detroit must acknowledge the reality that the Thanksgiving Classic is under siege from the NFL.

lions-thanksgivingIn a league where great traditions have been altered and tweaked for greater revenue, there is no doubting that the league will take a look into Detroit’s responsibilities following the team’s most recent drubbing at the hands of the Packers. While the team has hosted this game now 70 times, I suspect that the league will look to expand the Lions game into more cities.

If you don’t believe that this game is up in the air for the NFL, I would like to exhibit the case of the Kansas City Chiefs. Owner Lamar Hunt (deceased) had lobbied for years that there should be an all AFC match-up in the evening, and happened to secure one in 2006 for his Chiefs. Following his death three weeks after Thanksgiving, the league then reopened the game, selecting various teams in the AFC and NFC to participate. It was not until last night that the AFC had a host for the Thanksgiving game.

My feeling is that the league will keep the Lions involved in the Thanksgiving game in some type of hybrid situation. This could mean Detroit plays every year with home games on the even years. It could also mean that Detroit and Dallas become annual opponents, alternating each year between Cowboys Stadium and Ford Field.

Every owner looks at this game and just drools over the idea of a filled stadium with a nationally-captivated audience. Sure, the Lions’ recent flops on Thanksgiving have not been a great help to the Detroit cause, but this game is purely economical for the other 30 owners in the NFL. Those would seem to not be favorable odds for Lions fans.

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  • Greg Mitchell

    As a long-time Lions fan, I am definitely concerned about the future of football on Thanksgiving in Detroit. But the fans may not have much imput in the decision process in this matter. But there is one thing the fans do have alot of imput in, & that is attendance, or the lack thereof. It is utterly shocking how many fans fail to show up for the Lions games. I would love to go to a Lions game, but I live in Mississippi, so it would be hard to do. But I’ll say this: St. Louis lost the Cardinals, Los Angeles lost the Rams, & Baltimore lost the Colts. Growing up in St. Louis, I remember all too well the bitterness & sense of betrayal I & others felt about no home town NFL team to cheer for. Come on, fellow Lions fans, lets get behind our favorite team & support the Lions!We may not have much voice in NFL business matters, but we do have a voice in the future of a team

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