New Year, New Millen?

Football fans last night were already wondering if the impending switch to digital had happened when tuning into NBC. The same station that brings us a sickening affection for Notre Dame and global dance, has now presented their own NFL “expert”. Yes football fans, Former Lions President and CEO Matt Millen is wondering why he wasn’t given more of a chance.

If any of us would have led a football team to go to 0-16, we would be hiding in a northern cottage and wearing a fake mustache. When Shannon Sharpe attempts to say that he told us so by proudly presenting an 0-16 poster on their pregame show, we would not attempt to make suggestions on how a team goes to a playoffs. That is the main difference between the rational football fan and the individual who left the television booth to drive a franchise down a deep abyss.

Since Millen took over, every other NFC North team has had a division win and multiple winning seasons. This team is in a worse situation than the one he inherited and somehow he looks vindicated saying that on national television.