The National Championship and other thoughts…

Monday Night marks the end of Detroit’s temporary distraction from economic troubles, political bickering and late night’s geographical punchline.

When “One Shining Moment” begins to play on the big screen at Ford Field, or the smaller version in your house, Detroit’s Final Four will be a mere memory to the millions that watched it on television. Don’t believe me? Quick, where was last year’s Final Four held?

For those fans of the Spartans and Tar Heels, April 6, 2009 will be remembered forever. Take it from someone who thinks Carmelo K. Anthony should become a saint for what he did in 2003, and Keith Smart should become one big four-letter word for what he did in 1987. In a season that had more ups-and-downs than a Cedar Point ride, fans from Chapel Hill to East Lansing will hold their collective breath (seek medical attention if you start turning colors other than green and white) with every pass, shot or foul.

Saturday afternoon was one giant street party from Comerica Park’s statues to Cobo Hall to Detroit’s sparkling blue riverfront. By my non-scientific headcount, the fans in the streets more than doubled the actual attendance of Ford Field. It was a fantastic event for the City of Detroit to showcase our pride to the country. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just channel some of that spirit into our offices and judicial/legislative buildings?